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  • Undergraduate Programs

    ·       Baylor's School of Engineering and Computer Science houses three departments – computer science, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical engineering – and offers a variety of majors. Learn more here.

    ·       Interested in research opportunities as an undergraduate? We have that here. 

    ·       How to Apply.

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    We have a variety of majors that students can connect with in the School of Engineering and Computer Science.

    From Biomedical Engineering to Humanitarian Engineering to Gaming Development, there's really a lot of things you can pick and choose from.

    So students at the undergraduate level can get involved in a variety of different research opportunities with faculty.

    So you can do undergraduate research. You can do over the summer. You don't have to be a graduate student here to do research.

    I would say that the learning environment's really collaborative. That's something that's important.

    The learning environment here at Baylor is pretty community-based. So we like to help each other. Like study groups are a really big thing. Friends like to gather together to just really study for tests or quizzes. You'll see it in our lobbies, people just hanging out. And I really like it, because it's more fun studying in a group than studying by yourself and kind of banding together the night before a test to really make sure that everyone understands the material.

    We kind of have this, we're all in this together type attitude. We're going to get through this curriculum together. This close-knit environment, the investment faculty, the connection that we have with career management, it really makes this education special and unique, where students want to learn and grow and look forward to that next step.

    Baylor really prepares you for the outside world. As a senior, I've gone through four years here and I've never regretted a moment.