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    Classes here are really engaging. I've never been bored in one of my engineering classes for sure. And the professors are truly experts in their trade. And so many of them have worked in industry for a long time and now have taken their experiences from industry and an engineering career and are using that in the classroom to inform their students.

    The classes in the School of Engineering and Computer Science, or ECS, are very small, generally somewhere between 20 to 30 students, which I think is really beneficial, because it lets the students have a very close relationship with their professors. And also, as a student, you really get to know the other students in your class, because there's not too many of them, kind of build that sort of community and camaraderie with everybody else that's all doing the same work in the same major.

    One of the great things that I've found about my faculty is they have office hours very, very frequently. So if you ever have a question, you just want to talk about something, you're unsure of an assignment, they are always available. And if they're not, you can very easily shoot them an email. And they're very quick to respond, which is really, really helpful.

    So the faculty show great commitment to the students at Baylor. And they'll be people that we can go back to after our experiences at the university and still call upon them for help in industry or advice. Or even if there's a really difficult problem to solve, I know that they're going to be there to give me some guidance on those issues.