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    My name is Joshua Morris and I'm a Software Developer. Probably like a lot of people that came into computer science, I wanted to make video games. I grew up with like video games as a kid. So even though I came to school and majored in computer science to make video games, that's not at all what I ended up doing.

    When I was a senior, I received an email for a job posting, where they listed they were looking for software developers. So I decided to send off a resume. And that's kind of where my life took a turn. That company was Texas Memory Systems. They were based in Houston, Texas.

    So when I was at Baylor, one of the things that I was very focused on was my education. And I almost ignored every other aspect of my life, just to focus on becoming the best programmer I could be in the four years that I had. And when I look at it through the lens of mid-30s, while it's good to become a really good developer and be good at your job, so much of your job focuses on a social aspect. Things, like communication and things like the network and the relationships that you deal with. It's really important.

    So if you can do that right out of the gate, then I think you'll impress quite a few people. When I graduated from Baylor and went to work for TMS, I felt very prepared. If I could do it all over again, I would definitely come back to Baylor.