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  • Alumni Success: Heather Benoit

    I'm Heather Benoit. I'm a senior mechanical engineer, and I work at M3 Design. I graduated from the Baylor School of Engineering and Computer Science in 2009 with a General Engineering Bachelor's and in 2011 with a Master's of Biomedical Engineering.

    I decided to pursue engineering because I really have a love for science and mathematics and just understanding how things work. Some of my earliest memories were of wanting to be an inventor, and product development is the perfect place to do that. The type of work I do varies every day, but in general, we're helping our clients take their idea or their concept to get them to a product that they can actually put on store shelves and produce.

    Voice is a wearable dog collar. It's a health tracker. It can track everything from heart rate to respiration rate to daylight exposure and activity and syncs it to the cloud and then makes it available for your vet. It's so fun when you see the first production units coming off the line. You see months of all your effort, all these little tiny details that you're working on, and now you have something you can hold. Baylor does a really great job making sure that everyone that comes out of the school is really well rounded. Going to work isn't just being a good engineer and knowing how to do the math. You have to also be able to communicate with other people and sell your idea and make sure that people understand why you're doing what you're doing. It's really, really fun to solve those problems and have that become something real that goes out into the world, that people use that makes their lives better.

    Every day is a different product, a different client, a different industry, and the challenge is always brand new. You're moving fast. You're solving problems that have never been solved before, and you're really getting to invent the future.