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  • Alumni Success: Marques Jones

    Baylor was one of the schools I had applied to, and actually, the other school was Harvard. Come to find out, I didn't get accepted. And so when I got that email, you know, I was really disappointed. I guess that rejection really turned into something awesome, and it allowed me to come here and do the things that I've done here at Baylor.

    Yes, touchdown Marcus Jones.

    My senior year of undergrad, that's when I received a scholarship from Coach Rhule. It was really validating, I'd say, to see that hard work as a walk on hadn't gone noticed.

    What inspired me to pursue engineering was just my love for mathematics and science. Grad school was a path that would allow me to excel academically even more. I'm actually a research assistant, so I work in a lab with my professor as well. We actually work in the Neuromorphic and Robotics Lab. My project that I'm working on is tied to autonomous underwater vehicles, and I'm actually doing that through a grant from the Navy for a professor. This summer, I actually have an internship at SpaceX out in California. So I'm going to be testing and possibly designing some of the hardware that goes on the rockets that they send up on satellites as well.

    The thing that stands out most to me about my Baylor experience would definitely be the relationships I've made while I've been here. If I had gone to Harvard, I wouldn't have known anyone. I would have just basically been on my own, but we are a family when we come to Baylor. They really set me up with this internship that I have this summer, and hopefully, I can say that Baylor helped me achieve my professional goals as well.