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    Hi. I'm Katie Stiles. I'm a senior Electrical and Computer Engineering major. I'm originally from Temecula, California.

    So a typical day for me usually starts with waking up, and then I go to class, meet up with my friends-- because I tend to know a lot of people in my classes, especially as it's senior year and the classes are pretty small here at Baylor.

    So, after my first class is done, I usually have a really long break, so I'll go with my friends to eat lunch at one of our dining halls. And then we'll grab Starbucks at Moody. Or we'll go to the Student Union Building and sit and hang out and study.

    One of the traditions Baylor has throughout the week is Dr. Pepper hour, which is Tuesdays at 3:00. And a ton of people go, so you can talk to a ton of people, meet a bunch of people, or just go with your friends for a nice break in the day.

    So another really fun tradition at Baylor is Dia del Oso. So "dia del oso" means "day of the bear," and it's basically, Baylor just cancels all classes for the day. And they have goat yoga. They'll have a concert. They'll have-- I know one year they did an archery thing. So there's just a bunch of random activities you can have, to kind of take a rest day. It's usually in April, so right before finals you get a little break.

    So Waco's actually a really fun town to be in. There's a lot of really great food here. There is a lot of random restaurants that you can go to, and it's really fun to explore those.

    Typically, late at night, I have a ton of meetings for the organizations I'm in, so I'll go to those, and then I'll come back to my friends' apartment in Teal Residential College, where we live. What I like most about Teal Residential College is the community. It's also the engineering- and computer-science-specific dorm, and so there's always someone new to meet, and they're always welcoming to talk to you. And--

    I don't know, you just kind of step on campus, and everyone's smiling because everyone really loves Baylor. It's kind of a community thing, here. And you kind of get the best of both worlds, at Baylor. It's a small school, it's Christ-centered, but you have all these fun activities and you have football and sports. So that's why I really chose Baylor. And I've never regretted my decision.