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  • Student Success

    • We at Baylor believe in preparing our students in the best way possible for their future careers. We work closely with the Baylor University Career Center to ensure students have the advice and tools they need. Learn more.
    • May 2019 placement stats:
      • Student Placement Rate: 91% 90 days after graduation
      • Average Base Salary: $66.8K
      • Average Sign-On Bonus: $4.7K

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    The School of Engineering and Computer Science and the Business School work really closely together to really help our students. We decided to team up with Career Management to connect our students to job opportunities, internship opportunities.

    One of the things that we thought about, strategically, was the same companies come to campus and they've got to go to multiple events. So it's strategic for us to consolidate that. Employers can just come to campus, one spot, to provide resources and coaching, where students really learn about what's out there for them. So we basically have it staged out, all the way through to their senior year.

    We have a four-year career management plan. So we work really hard, starting that freshman year, to make sure students know what they need to do to be prepared for that internship search and for the job search.

    We also help them with their personal brand, building their relationships, but also helping them on a resume development. We support interviews. We support career fairs. We support employer events.

    Incoming students are assigned an advisor, not only to keep students on track, they care about other aspects of development, because that all impacts academics. We have great leadership experiences integrated in the curriculum, but also outside the classroom.

    Those students want to work and position themselves for success can find it here. Come by and see us. Take advantage of the resources. Enjoy the success.