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  • Preparing Innovators for Worldwide Impact

    ·       Global engagement is a fundamental aspect of the mission at Baylor University. As we prepare men and women for worldwide leadership and service, it is necessary for our faculty, staff and students to engage the world.

    ·       Baylor's School of Engineering and Computer Science has a variety of opportunities for engaging with the world through mission trips, study abroad programs and the International Computer Programming Content (ICPC) that Baylor hosts.

    ·       Follow Engineers with a Mission on Facebook.

    ·       Watch how Baylor BUV made an impact in Uganda.

    ·       Read Madeline and Brittany’s stories about their study abroad experiences.

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    Engineers need to know how to operate in a global environment now. And so the more international experience we can give our students, the better off they're going of be. Our Computer Science students get to travel internationally to go to the ICPC, which is a programming contest. And it changes locations every year. And our Engineering students also have the option to do a study abroad program in Dublin, Ireland.

    We also have Baylor BUV, which is a Basic Utility Vehicle that went to Uganda this past summer. And they worked on building one of these Basic Utility Vehicles with some workers in Uganda who are in trade school.

    In my personal experience, I was in Haiti. And that was such an amazing time to connect with students in my own degree and professors in my own degree here at Baylor, but also bringing those skill sets we learned in the classroom on the field in Haiti. It not only makes us better engineers, but it makes us better people.

    In a classroom, you're focused on a very narrow, specialized part of the project. But when you're actually building something, you have to worry about all these other kinds of details, like logistics details and budgetary details. And that's so realistic. That is so much more of what engineering is in the workplace.

    So these mission trips allow us to take the things we're learning in our circuits courses and our statics courses and our dynamics courses and taking those into design and actually building the design that we have theoretically constructed. And by serving others in a leadership role is a great way to be humbled and to learn what it's like to work with people and for people as a leader.